U.S. Constitution – Amendment 1 – The U.S. Constitution Online – USConstitution.net


Gorillas, alligators, murder, guns and opinions have flooded Facebook now for a while. You have a right to your own opinion on all things, but so does that other person. Heck, you might even disagree with their opinion. Does that mean they hate you? Do you hate them? Why do differing opinions now equate to bigotry, racism, sexism or other naughty words describing behavior? Debate and discussion should lead to learning and understanding, not attacks! You want to vote for a person that you support? Fantastic. You know someone who doesn’t want to vote for your candidate and chooses a candidate you believe to be the devil? Okay, that’s their choice. Do you like guns? Do you think guns are evil? Should parents know ahead of time that a few seconds can change their lives at a zoo or theme park? When debating, use facts and cite sources. You know, real ones that aren’t CNN, Fox News, or Wikipedia. If you think this country is screwed up and can be better, quit arguing on Facebook and do something about it. You think we don’t have qualified people in government positions? Run yourself or get a group together and find someone qualified to run. What better way to squash the First Amendment than to get the people to silence the people. End of #rant


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