January 11, 2013 at 07:12AM

Six years ago, Rachael and I were eleven days into her hospital stay in HRPU at Erlanger. The morning was going smoothly until right about now. She started going into labor at 27 weeks. Later in that afternoon, Zeke and Emmie were born. Just over 2 pounds each. We started our roller-coaster ride know as NICU that evening. We had heart surgeries, blood transfusions, brain bleeds, breathing problems, infections, and even a few “crashes” amongst a long list of episodes. After 70 days we were able to come home. Our adventure continued to embed our family back into the community to try and at least pay something back to ALL the wonderful people and organizations that helped us up front and behind the scenes. We made new lifelong friends throughout the process. Emmie and Zeke changed our lives and we are forever grateful! Now, six years later, we are still going strong and appreciate all the little wins we get in life. Thank you Rachael Bryant Welch for being you. Happy Birthday Zeke and Emmie.

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