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April 30, 2012

You might work in IT if your phone is also your flashlight, music player, book reader, portable movie theater, alarm clock, GPS, translator, calculator, mobile office, and fax machine 😛


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April 30, 2012

Information Technology, or I.T., or IT, or however you want to put it down is an ever changing landscape. I get to deal with IT. You see what I did there…. One of the funny trends I’ve been watching is the great migration to the sky (Cloud). Early on, everything was stored and processed centrally and then accessed via terminals. Then processing moved out to the clients and only data was stored on the server. Now…things are moving back to the cloud. I guess since the cloud is outside your walls, it doesn’t really match the scenario before, but it is basically the same. You have products like Google Apps and Microsoft Office365 now that handle all the emails and calendars of users while providing services once referred to as Intranets. Do they still use that word anywhere? It will be interesting to see what comes next…